How to Retain Length for Natural Hair

How to Retain Length for Natural Hair

Hey beauties, thanks for clicking on this article! We're sure you all are just trying to figure out what works best for growing and retaining hair length. Length retention can be quite difficult for a natural at first; there's so many products and techniques out there, you just don't know where to start. Don't worry sis, we got you covered. Just follow our tips below⇩

TIP 1: Trim those ends!

This is the most important step to retaining length! You can't expect to retain length when your ends are unhealthy, all they're going to do is continue to split and break off. We recommend getting a trim every 8-10 weeks. Having a trimming schedule is critical because when you're consistent with your trims, you end up cutting less hair off.

TIP 2: Practice safe & protective styling

You should avoid doing styles that require lots of manipulation. Yes, those sleek hairstyles look amazing but doing them too often can lead to breakage, especially if you have a coarse texture. Heat isn't harmful when used properly, just make sure to use a heat protectant and a safe heat setting for your particular porosity and texture. When doing a protective style, like braids and weaves, it's very important to prepare your hair before actually putting the style in. That means you need to make sure your hair and scalp are clean and moisturized. Also, you need to make sure your ends aren't split. Putting a "protective style" in when your ends are split will do more harm than good. This also needs to be said, don't neglect your real hair! We do not recommend leaving a style in for over two months because at that point, it's no longer protecting anything. Remember that your hair needs maintenance just like everything else on your body. You have to give your natural hair a break from protective styles, too much of anything can be harmful!

TIP 3: Seal your ends

Sealing your ends with an oil or butter will definitely help with length retention. Your ends are the oldest and weakest parts of your hair; one minor mishap can lead to your ends splitting and breaking. That's why it's important to use a length retention butter or oil that is heavy enough to seal and coat your ends. One recommendation we have is chebe butter, it is amazing for length retention! If you decide to purchase chebe butter, only use it on your ends as it is too heavy for your scalp. 

TIP 4: Wrap your hair before bed

We're sure you all wrap your hair before going to sleep. But, are you wrapping it the right way? You should tie your scarf in a way that is secure but not extremely tight. Also, you should avoid tight buns and ponytails honestly all the time but especially when wrapping your hair before bed. Leaving in tight buns and ponytails overnight will put a lot of pressure on your hair and if you do it too often, it can lead to breakage, balding, and traction alopecia. 

Thank you for getting to the end of this article. We hope you all found these tips helpful. ♡