4C Hair: Everything You Need to Know

4C Hair: Everything You Need to Know

Let's just start off by saying 4C hair is absolutely beautiful. You should love your hair no matter what curl pattern you have. Today, we're going to focus on how to properly care for 4C hair. Keep on reading to learn more! 

The Do's & Don'ts for 4C Hair: 


Keep 4C hair stretched in a safe way. 

4C hair shrinks a lot and though shrinkage is beautiful, it's still important to wear your hair out in a stretched state. Wearing your hair in its stretched state will prevent tangles and help you retain length. 

Gently comb out and detangle 4C hair on a regular basis.

Tight coils are more likely to become tangled so combing your hair often will help prevent or at least manage the tangles. 

Allow moisture to penetrate deeply into the hair shaft. 

Moisture is key, sis! Deep conditioning treatments will really do your hair some justice. Note: There's no need to go overboard with deep conditioning treatments, doing it once a month is more than enough. You don't want to risk getting moisture overload! 


Overstyle or over-manipulate 4C hair.

4C hair is more prone to breakage so it's critical that you opt for low-manipulation styles. Keep on reading, we'll get into style recommendations in a bit! 

Keep 4C hair in its shrunken state all the time.

Like we mentioned earlier, keeping 4C hair in a stretched state prevents tangles and helps with retaining length. Yes, shrinkage is beautiful but wearing your hair in its shrunken state 24/7 can do more harm than good. Just think about it, you have plenty of tight coils in their shrunken state, just intertwining with each other sitting on top of your head. Sis, they're eventually going to get tangled! Keeping your hair stretched doesn't mean using high heat or flat ironing it all the time, though that's okay if you decide to do that. Your hair, your choice! However, we do recommend stretching your hair using low to medium heat with a blow dryer or diffuser. 

Use gel as your primary styling product.

Gel is very drying and those with 4C hair should honestly avoid gel at all costs. We get that gel can give you that curl definition for a popping wash & go. However, butters and creams are way better options; they're moisturizing plus they make your curls pop too! 

Recommended Hairstyles for 4C Hair:

These are just a few low-manipulation style recommendations that we have. You're free to try whatever hairstyle you want; don't limit your styling options just because you have 4C hair!

  • Twists/Twist Outs
  • Braids/Braid Outs
  • Afro/Afro Puffs
  • Flexi Rod Sets/Roller Sets
  • Bantu Knots

Thank you lovelies for reaching the end of this article. We hoped you all enjoyed reading. Stay tuned for further blog posts. ♡